Taking It Easy

Great morning to you on this beautiful summer Friday. I had the most bizarre dreams last night. I've been practicing lucid dreaming lately and sometimes I will actually control my dreams and others I've been aware that what is happening is a dream. Last night, a man with dark hair sat on my vanity chair and we were hugging. There was an older woman with a small baby outside of the door trying to get in, I was trying to keep them out, but it wasn't working. That's all I can remember right now. I have no idea what this dream could mean, it may not even mean anything, that's why they're so strange. I'll have to look it up in my dream book later.

The day and the weekend look to be perfect weather all around, sunny with the high of 85. My sister in Florida said it gets to 95 most days there. We hit 95 a few times in New York, but not many this summer. I don't know if we'll get another heat wave, this may be it. I bet it's going to be a cold winter. Before we start thinking of the winter, there's the fall and it's such a beautiful season. I love to mix summer and winter clothes together in the fall. A summer dress with a pair of jeans or jean shorts with a pair of black tights. It's fun to dress a little cooky in the fall, because everyone does it.

I'm still in summer mode and this weekend I plan to stay there. I'm going to go a pool and get even darker than I already am, chill in some parks, do some gardening and lay around in a hammock. My son has so much energy that we're a perfect match, he runs around for hours at the park (literally), while I sit and read on a blanket for those hours. Actually, I just remembered we're going on a day trip to the beautiful Berkshires tomorrow too. What's on the books for you? Have a wonderful summer weekend. I'm going to veg out to some music now...

Santana, Black Magic Woman with this amazing belly dancer, she's got some moves.

Buena Vista Social Club, Candela - lovely

The Eagles, Take It Easy - ok will do

Big hugs and kisses to you.

xo Fabi. -Fabiola Conrado. #luciddreaming #theeagles #santana #buenavistasocialclub #summer #summer2014 #fall2014 #goodmorning 

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