Real Housewives of Orange County Finale - Shannon Wins!

Good morning on this beautiful summer Thursday. I'm taking a week off and will be back with some fresh posts. In the meantime, let's review season 9 of the OC housewives. Why I enjoy watching these women gossip and bicker with each other is beyond me. The only real, real housewives on the OC are Shannon, Heather and Lizzie. Who was the girl hanging out with Lizzie the whole time anyway? She was like Lizzie's ghost, always around her and not saying anything. That was strange.

So many funny things happened this season. I can't help but go straight to Heather's husband. This couple could use a good doobie, maybe they're just really stressed all the time. When Heather told Shannon in Bali that Terry (Shannon's husband), is "very upset" I was surprised to hear why. The comments were inappropriate yes, but so were Eddie's (Tamra's husband) and Terry didn't get mad at him for some reason. David was drinking when he said it and I'm sure wouldn't have said them if he was sober. It doesn't make it ok and it's not an excuse, but when people abuse alcohol they do and say stupid things, you can't take them seriously. Shannon's husband gave a heartfelt apology that should have been accepted.

Heather said she's not mad at Tamra for talking behind her back because she "went straight to the source," being Tamra. Shannon tried that too and Tamra lied right to her face. Tamra is seen multiple times talking poorly about Heather to us, the audience. She was really two-faced this season. We learn in the final show she is going through a custody battle for her children, with her ex-husband. She seemed to be on edge all season and taking out her frustrations on the women, that cannot be an easy thing to go through.

Vicki is always fun to watch, I really like her zest for life. She proves you can be a grandma, in your sixties and still have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest, I want to be like her when I'm a grandma. She has quite the romancer for a boyfriend too. When Heather and Terry arrived to her Bali party, they told Vicki (referring to her dress) that it was, " in the front and party in the back." Brooks (Vicki's man) replied with, "I'll let you know tomorrow morning on that." I don't think he was referring to her dress. Another time, he was asked, "What's your favorite thing about Vicki?" He replied with, "Her vagina." That was hilarious. He is pretty funny, but I bet those public jokes can become annoying after a while. He does like to have fun and Vicki seems happy, so more power to them.

I'm on Lizzie's side for her drama with Tamra. Even if Lizzie did say shag instead of marry, the comment stemmed from the game they were playing, it didn't come out of the blue. Tamra is being insecure, probably because it's true and Eddie sure did stay quiet when it came up. Lizzie had a right to be upset with Tamra about not coming to her birthday party. If Tamra's kids were sick, that is understandable that she couldn't make it, but she should have told Lizzie she couldn't go. Lizzie had to call her to see where she was, when she was on the party bus ready to leave. It's not fun waiting for someone who is not planning to show and it's hurtful. A quick text would have been so easy. It's not like Tamra forgot, I'm sure she had multiple reminders from the producers, Vicki, Heather etc.

In my opinion, Shannon is the breakout star of the season, she had her moments, as we all do and owned them and learned from them. So who will make it back to the next one? I predict Shannon for sure and Vicki will always have a place. I think Tamra will be back and it was funny how she kept telling us (the audience) that Shannon lashes out at people because of her problems with her marriage, meanwhile, that's exactly what she did all season. I think Lizzie will make it back too, but her ghost and Heather may get the boot. I'll keep watching because of Vicki and Shannon. Shannon says she and her husband are sleeping in the same bed again, I hope they continue to repair their marriage, I'm still rooting for them. #teamshannon

 -Fabiola Conrado. Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Lizzie Rovsek, Heather Dubrow. #RHOC #RHOCseason9review #RHOCreview 

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