Play, Eat, Sleep & Dream

Great morning to you on this beautiful summer Friday. My dreams last night seemed so real. There were a few different dreams and in one in particular, I was able to control it. This practice is called lucid dreaming and is something I've been working on lately. Last night's lucid dream was a short one.

I was sitting on a chair in a public space of some sort and I said to myself, "I can control this dream by standing up and walking towards the door." In the dream, it was as if my mind was resisting the thought and my body felt very heavy, I pushed myself though and did it. Now that I think of it, the resistance part was probably all the yoga I did last week - some of those positions are hard to get into, I'm humbled by you yogis.

The weekend is here again, wooo. I don't have to work, so the whole weekend is free to wander, sleep, dream, read, play and maybe go somewhere I've never been to before, who knows. Have a wonderful Labor Day / end of August weekend . . .


When it rains it pours and the sun always comes back out.

My best ideas come from my dark side.

Don't judge others, no one is perfect.

Life would be so empty without working hard at something,

For some reason, right at the brink of wanting to give up, 
is when magic starts to happen.

-Fabiola Conrado #peace #love #yoga #yogis #labordayweekend #play xoxo 

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