Peace Out Cub Scout

After long consideration and looking forward into the future, I have decided to end my journey working for this company. While I have enjoyed my time here, I'm quitting and leaving today and decided to tell you through this email. I know I always looked forward to the next goodbye email that popped up in my inbox, so I'm sure you're happy I decided to send one. Even though we may have only said hello to each other once or twice at the water cooler, or took the elevator up together every morning, I consider you - and everyone else on this mass email - my friend.

There's so many people I could call out specifically, such as my boss. What a great mentor this man has been. Who cares that he kept his door closed every day listening to music, he introduced me to some great bands and we always had a great time at the company happy hours. Then there's Sally in accounting, she always knew exactly what everyone was up to and where they were at all times, I'm going to miss her watchful eye. Oh and there's Megan in merchandising, she is always so helpful and generous with the stash of booze in her drawer, she's a sweetheart. Who's next... hmm, oh yeah Jim in marketing. We would always help each other sneak in late, he always had my back, I'm going to miss him.

I could on and list each person and how they've helped me in my eight years here, but I'm trying to keep this short. These kind of emails are always so weird to get and I don't know why we have to do them. Do we even have to? I guess we don't, but it's my chance to have the floor. I'm going to miss this office, the water cooler, the early morning meetings, the lunch breaks and most importantly, the people. This is my very last hour here and as soon as I hit send, I'm walking out the front door. I apologize for not saying goodbye to you in person, which sounds like a better idea, but everyone else sends these emails, so I'm sending one too. GOODBYE JOB. GOODBYE FOREVER.

-Fabiola Conrado #corporateamerica #goodbyeemails #goodmorning #peace #shortstories

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