Making Babies

Kids are loving, enjoyable and fun-filled little creatures that bring so much joy to our lives. At the same time, they take planning and organization and watching over and cleaning up after and disciplining that, it can be hard. If you've decided to make a baby for the first time, re-consider if you...

A. Like to sleep through the night. With a newborn, you will get maybe two or three full hours of sleep. This will become your new sleeping pattern, for three months and cucumber slices will find a special place in your heart.

B. Enjoy going out at the last minute, say to a quiet, romantic dinner, the movies or even a night on the town. Those days will be history. To go anywhere, you'll need to set up a sitter in advance and good luck finding a reliable one, a lot of them like to "call in sick." You can't call in sick to a babysitting gig!

C. Like to keep a house tidy and organized at all times. Bye bye organization 24 hours a day, this goes out the window whether you like it or not. If you think this won't happen to you because you "won't let it," you're in for a rude awakening.

D. Like to cuss. No more cussing either, you'll have to keep it in check, unless you don't mind a three year old yelling "fuck!" when he drops a breakable toy. They will copy everything you do.

E. Don't mind losing your temper every now and then, it's therapuetic to let it out afterall, isn't it? Repeat of D, they copy everything you do. They are already naturally prone to tantrums, they don't need any learned neurosis on top of it.

F. Have never been one to give up power, you are the queen bee / the king of the land. You will be reduced to a maid. Get your gloves, broom and Pinesol ready, they will be your new best friends.

G. Love your sexy body and like to show it off. Nope, that's gone too, if you're a female anyway. During the making process, the baby grows and grows and the last month, it may be painful to look in the mirror at times. You get past it by reminding yourself that you are a goddess and have created life and that is what is inside that beautiful belly.

H. At times think about possibly owning a Harley. (Men, you're not off the hook). Bye bye, badass thoughts, those things are dangerous for kids. You will have the pleasure of pushing your kid around in a stroller though, on the way to the park. Baby Bjorn's aren't so bad either, I'm sure there's a M.I.L.F out there who would find you sexy for wearing one.

Ask any mom or dad though -- even the ones with the most unruliest of children -- knowing what they know now, if they could go back in time and make the decision all over again, would they?

Their answer would undoubtedly be, in a heartbeat, because they know now that...

A. It's amazing to feed a cute, sweet darling little newborn. 

B. Enjoying nights at home in the beautiful surroundings they've created, are just as enjoyable as going out.

C.  Don't mind a "lived in" home that shows life and realness; cleaning up the legos before bedtime, works just as fine as cleaning them up after playtime. 

D. It's much better to sound like a lady vs. a drunken' sailor anyway.

E. Living a life focused on being calm, is the best form of self therapy.

F. Power trips are silly.

G. They were proud to show off the baby belly and the pre-baby body came back.

H. Making babies didn't make their personal desires, passions, goals and freedoms go away; instead, they shined through like a bright star vying for attention and after making a baby... they seemed like easy things to do.

-Fabiola Conrado #babymaker #kids #parenting #munchkins #kisses #hugs #love #summer #hammocklife 

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