I'll Be Back For You

Good morning. The weekend went by so fast. I'm sure all the snow people are packing in summer as much as possible, as time is ticking away. We'll still have warm days in September and October though. Fall is the most beautiful season for weather. The leaves turn brown, the first one falls and then it rains leaves for about two months.

Some people consider talk about the weather, "small talk." I don't agree with that, it rules our lives so why is it considered small? Today in the northeast, it will be sunny and the high of 85, a perfect day. Some showers are coming in for tomorrow and Wednesday and then back to beautiful for the rest of the week.

The weekend is gone and before it's gone forever, I'm going to take a quick look back. I spent time in the most quaint, little New England town that I love to visit. There's good energy there filled with Buddhas, sunflower gardens, crystal shops and boho boutiques. Vegging out at the park for hours is always a great idea too, as it clears the cobwebs right out...

 the berkshires
 flowers gardens in the country
 peace, buddha, mediation blows, crystals
 hello lovely
 the whole town is covered in gigantic sunflowers - heaven
 love this lavender color
 too pretty to ignore
 not fancy just fun
 sheep's meadow, central park
 home base, sheep's meadow

It's A Beautiful Summer Day

Time To Get Organized

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Admin Time

Excel Sheets Are Cool

Today Will Be Productive

This Week Will Be Successful

You, Can Make It Happen

xo Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #theberkshires #centralpark #sheepsmeadow #buddha #boho #flowerhunting #summer

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