Coming Of Age

The whole day Lenora thought about how she had magically moved the cup that morning. Could she have actually done that with her hand? Was it her hand that moved it or her mind? She remembered back to the morning, what did she do differently from other mornings? Normally she took her time to get ready, not this morning though, she was in a rush. She wasn't thinking too much about anything. She remembered a tingling sensation in her hand as she reached for her tea cup. Shortly after that, the cup slid forward away from her. She was sure she saw that; although, she was starting to doubt herself.

She was finally in her driveway. She couldn't wait to try it again. As she changed into more comfortable clothes, she couldn't believe she was thinking she could have powers. There is no way she thought; then again, she did make it move. For fun, she put on a long black witchy dress, she may as well look the part if she was going to try to act the part, she figured. The house was quiet and instead of turning on the radio, she lit candles and incense. She found extra candles in the cabinet and displayed them throughout the kitchen and lit those too. It was time. If she had powers, it was time for them to show themselves, no surprises.

She grabbed a cup and put it on the counter. She stared at it and looked around the room. She had created such a lovely ambiance, she would have to do that more often she decided. She squeezed her hand and gave it a rub. She couldn't help and think of her friends and how they would laugh at her if they knew what she was doing. She tried to re-create the moment from the morning by quickly walking up to the counter and reaching for the cup, instead of it moving, it just sat there. She tried again and this time she thought about being late and reached for it; but it wouldn't budge. She took a deep breath and decided music may help, she turned on the spa channel and tried again, nothing.

She was getting frustrated, how had she made it move before? What did she have to do to make it move again? The answer was within her somewhere, she could feel it, but it wouldn't show itself. She decided to try again and this time she would meditate on the cup first. She took a deep breath and concentrated on the cup. After a few minutes of meditation, she reached for it and this time she felt the tingling sensation start and she also felt a power move throughout her whole body that took her breath away. She reached for the cup and it happened, the cup moved even further this time and it didn't stop moving until she told it to in her mind.

She stood in the kitchen in shock. Her heart was beating and her breathing was heavy. This experience was different from the last time, much different. This time, everything happened very slowly, she felt the tingling start at her wrist and make its way to the top of her fingers and then she felt the power push the cup. She knew it was real now. She sat down to catch her breath. In that moment, reality set in, she had powers. As the thought settled, she realized she wasn't that surprised, as she had known all along.

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #shortstories #needmorecoffee #goingtogetnow

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