There's No Jack or Molly Here

A new trend of raving in the morning, where people are high on life vs. drugs and alcohol, is the new thing in New York. #Daybreaker is one of them. They're early morning dance parties, complete with DJ's and disco balls that start at 7 a.m. If you can't get enough of the club scene and would rather boogie down instead of hitting soul cycle, Daybreaker is for you. Your morning work out will be dance, not bad. If you sweat, you're SOL, there are no showers. Ravers hit the dance floor blowing up on espresso. I usually like to get down in a funkier get-up and heavy eye make-up, at Daybreaker, attendees typically wear their work clothes.

Founders, Matthew Brimer, 27 and Radha Agrawal, 35 started it after a long night of partying. They didn't like the "nasty feeling" they felt afterwards and wanted to dance, but not so late. They took matters in to their own hands and Daybreaker was born. "Dance culture and underground music tends to be boxed in to this idea that you need alcohol or drugs to enjoy. We're trying to say that there's a whole world of creative experience and dance, music and art," says Brimer.

Daybreaker is "...all about the community and the people in the room," says Agrawal. The founders have never seen anyone strung out from the night before, using it as an after-hours. One party goer said, "People use drugs and alcohol to mask their insecurities at bars, but here it's an exercise not just socially, but physically as well." The DJ (whom I'm sure has seen it all) said, "Usually when I DJ it's 4 a.m. and everybody is fucked up, but at Daybreaker, people are dancing harder than they would at night." Thrillist called it, "An insane NYC dance party."

There is plenty of eye-candy to keep you entertained: jellyfish ravers, dancing veggies, hula hoopers, trumpet players, violinists and haiku poets ready to pump out some creativity on demand. As for beverages, instead of "shots!," "shots!," "shots!," of Fireball you can shoot shots of espresso or opt for tea, a fruit juice or water. Watch this video for a front seat look into a Daybreaker party:

The New York Times reported on ANOTHER morning rave called Morning Gloryville. They too are sans alcohol and drugs. They have the same insight as one of the party people from Daybreaker, "If you're used to hiding or escaping with alcohol and drugs, and then you discover that you can have genuine fun and make meaningful connections without it, that's really empowering," said Annie Fabricant. She goes on to say, "Our team is not anti-drugs or anti-alcohol, it's just an opportunity to experience dancing in a different way."

Event producer, Samantha Moyo said, "Bringing flower power back is what we're all about." They step it up a notch and attendees dress in elaborate, Burning Man costumes and can also experience yoga, pilates, massages and health food. Morning Gloryville hails from London and have thrown raves in NY, Sydney, Barcelona and Spain, this summer they'll be in Paris, Zurich and Tokyo. Check out this video into a Morning Gloryville party:

Right now you have to pay about $25 for a ticket, at Morning Gloryville, this cost doesn't include beverages. I'm sure once the non-alcoholic beverage companies get wind of these parties, they'll start sponsoring and drinks will be free. Even though you have to pay for drinks at Morning Gloryville, they look more up my alley with the yoga and massages, plus I'm all about flower power. Also, I think it would be more fun to see people getting wild wearing polka-dots vs neck ties. One love though, one love!


Morning Gloryville


-Fabiola Conrado. #trends #nyc #daybreaker #morninggloryville #raves #music #peace #flowerpower

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