Tell Me Your Secrets

Are you good at keeping secrets? The answer to this question lies in how many secrets you know. If you don't know many, then you're probably not. People tell their secrets to others they know are trustworthy. I'm going to tell you a secret, I've been wearing my hair in a wet braid everyday, because it takes too long to blow dry and style. Pretty lame secret right? I know you would rather have a juicy secret, some good goss. Well, those are reserved for my special people, sorry.

Not to toot my own horn but...people tell me their secrets. The same ones that tell me theirs, I tell them mine. I'm not referring to just my best friends, in fact, a new friend made the cut. She is one of those people who you feel like you've known your whole life. Have you ever met anyone like that? You may be thinking, I meet those kind of people all the time. This may be true, but would you tell that person a secret? This friend I'm talking about is that type of person. She told me some of hers and I told her some of mine. It seemed very normal while it was happening and yet at the same time I was thinking, I love this girl!

Human interaction and connection is one of the most important things in the world. If you don't have anything else, but you have someone who will give you a hug or a nice conversation, you're good. Let's face it, we work hard (most of us anyway) and it's nice to unwind with some realness. Life is too short to share those unwinding moments with people you don't fully trust. My sister's friend posted a great quote on her instagram recently, (thanks @gmarie83), it reads:

I'm very picky
with whom I give 
my energy to.
I prefer to reserve
my time, intensity
and spirit
exclusively to
those who reflect

We lead busy lives and our free time is precious. If there were extra hours in the day, maybe we would have time for everyone. We would have time to spend with those we like, but don't really trust, or say yes to an invite because we feel obligated, or go to that party even though there are people there we don't care for. A real secret of mine is, if my initial reaction is not an enthusiastic yes, I say no.

Here is another post I saw recently:

Do what makes 
you happy.

Here are some things that do just that for me:

 listening to these creatures in the summer
 catching fireflies...and setting them free of course
chillen' in a park on a beautiful day

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning #happy #secrets #love #frienships

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