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Tues, 11p, 15th of July, 2014 entry:

Dear Diary,

It's been a long time since I've written, it looks like almost a year. I had to write tonight though because I have had quite the day. I'm not sure where to begin. About five minutes into my morning walk to work, it started to pour rain on me. I was running late this morning so I didn't check the weather and had no idea it would rain. It was too late to go back for an umbrella and I got soaking wet.

I arrived to work with wet clothes and hair. The office was cold and I had an early morning meeting. I keep a spare shirt in my drawer, so I changed into that. It worked out well except my tie didn't exactly match. Not the biggest problem. Everything was a go for the meeting and when we were about to start, the screen wouldn't connect. My assistant was running late, probably from the train, so she didn't set up the room. I had to use hand outs. Luckily she left those on my desk the night before.  

On the way to the deli for lunch, a cab got way too close to the sidewalk and splashed up against the curb, I got soaked again, just after my pants had dried. My shoes are double ruined, maybe they'll dry into the worn out look. The sandwich I picked up was the only saving grace, at least it was good. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful thankfully, and even some new business leads lined up. 

I decided to jump on the subway instead of walking home, big mistake. Half through to the first stop, the train slowed to a halt and we were delayed. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if the air conditioning was working. There we sat in the heat, sandwiched together, underground for what seemed like twenty minutes. I got off the subway finally and heard gunshots. Everyone panicked. Within ten seconds, the NYPD arrived. The 28th street stop was blocked and we were detained. If this wasn't bad enough, I realized someone had stolen my wallet, it must have happened on the train. After about twenty minutes of questioning, we were let out. I passed the victim as he laid dead on the platform, he was shot in the chest. 

I finally reached the apartment and climbed up the three floors, only to realize I had left my keys at work. I had been a little off all day so this it wasn't a big surprise. Of course Dahlia wasn't home. I called her and she was all the way uptown, it would take her at least a half an hour to get back. I wanted to grab a beer at Jimmy's and remembered my wallet was gone. I sat on the steps and thought about laying down on them and closing my eyes. I couldn't fathom sitting in the hall for the next forty-five minutes so I went for a walk. 

The night air felt good, despite the stench of the lined up garbage and the scurrying rats that came with it. I walked to Jimmy's and figured I would grab a water. Beer would have been better, but my wallet was gone. The owner recognized me and bought me one, finally things were turning around. I told Jimmy about the dead guy and the wallet. Fifteen minutes later an order of chicken wings came out, on the house.

Dahlia sent a text saying she was almost home. When she finally let me in, I crashed on the couch. About an hour later she woke me. I could tell she wanted to tell me something. I pressed her for information and out of now where she told me that she's pregnant. My first reaction was to ask her if she was sure. She said she took the pregnancy tests from the drug store and they were positive. We haven't planned to have a baby, but we haven't ruled it out either. In fact, now that I think about it, we've only discussed it once, about a month ago.

If she is pregnant, that means I'm going to be a father. I wonder how accurate the drug store tests are, I hear they're pretty good. She could very well be pregnant. I don't know what is going on right now. I'm exhausted. I'll need to sleep on this and talk to her about going to a doctor for confirmation. That is the plan, that's what we'll do next. A baby. How will we live? This studio is way too small. We would have to move into a house, get a car, she would need her own room. She?

Good night diary, until next year.



Good morning. I hope you enjoyed that little tale. I was thinking about the show Tales from the Crypt the other day and how much I used to love it, that's where this Jeremy story derived from :O A quick thank you for reading my blog, I hope it's at least mildly entertaining. I'm taking a few days off and will back with some fresh posts. Ciao for now and have a great day *

-Fabiola Conrado. #newyork #nyc #chelsea #nypd

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