#Selfie King

Selfie lovers, meet your king:

His name is Justin Jedlica. He has had over one hundred procedures on his "journey of modification." The journey is on a path to reach the look of the Ken doll. I think he's reached the end of that path, what do you think guys? He does not think so and plans to maintain his looks and "continue to present the most optimal version of myself." 

According to his website, he is "skilled in the fine arts of drawing, painting and sculpture. It is this innate talent, knowledge of human anatomy and passion for innovation that sets him apart as a visionary in the sculptural art of plastics." Here are some of his drawings:

Given his expertise, you can hire him and have a personal consultation regarding plastic surgery. Why go with Justin? He says because with him as your consultant, he will help you choose a doctor and guide you through the process. He is an expert on having plastic surgery, there is no doubt about that, would you hire him?

Justin has spent over $150,000 to permanently transform himself into a human Ken doll and is proud of it. His transformation has made a lot of headlines. He loves taking selfies and his passion landed him in a feature story on E!, about "selfie surgeries." He has made appearances on national and international television and radio programs as well. For example, you can watch him on the Bethenny show by clicking here: Justin on Bethenny.

You can also watch him in a snippet from CNN, about people who "really went for it." Click here to see it:  Justin on CNN

Lastly, you can watch more of his press appearances on his website by clicking here: Justin's website

For all the effort he's made, I personally think he looked better before, more natural. What do you think?

-Fabiola Conrado. #JustinJedlica #selfieking #character #plasticsurgery #naturalvsplastic 

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