My Angel Face

Good morning. Oh My God. Going from a relaxed, carefree, weekend and sleeping in, to the harsh reality of an early Monday morning is hard on the soul, truly it is. Tuesday mornings, I'm fine and wake up (almost) happy, but Monday mornings?? Not my thing. The strong coffee, I try and stay away from, is slowly cutting through my coma state. Even worse, I dreamt my alarm went off and I woke up at 3 a.m. to turn it off, what a nightmare (literally). 

The only way to get through this Monday morning, that I know of, is to brainwash myself and reflect on the past weekend. If anyone has other good ideas how to get through it, please share it. Gloom and doom be gone, time for some uplifting thoughts . . . 

I Love Monday Mornings

Happy Monday

Rise And Shine Beautiful

Today Will Be Successful

It's Summer

Time To Get Organized

Today Is Start Fresh Day

Refreshed And Ready

Good Things Will Happen

Getting Things Done Feels Good

Coffee, Tea, Cafe Au Lait, Espresso

 the sound of water rushing is soothing
 a dragon
 this kind of view in real life, clears the cobwebs right out
i can't say no to this angel face

-Fabiola Conrado, Croton Gorge Park, #peace, #nature, #naturelover, #happymonday

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