Monday Funday

Good morning. July is moving really fast. I think the whole summer will fly by because we're so active. In the winter, time seems to move slower. The summer is a different story, before you know it, the sun starts to set. When it set last night, I hung out with some fireflies and crickets, it was lovely.

Alas, Monday morning is here. My alarm went off this morning and I told it I would sleep another thirty minutes... an hour later and I rose from the dead. Time to switch to work mode. Here are some thoughts that can help, I know I need them . . .

Monday Mornings Are Amazing

Coffee, Hot Tea, Latte, Cappuccino 

Tea All Day

Excel Sheets Are Cool

Getting Things Done Feels Good

Monday Is Start Fresh Day

Refreshed And Ready

Bye bye weekend and hello to the new week. Before you go forever, let me reminisce one last time. We had some good times splashing in water, hanging from monkey bars, picnicing in Central Park and soaking up peace vibes in Strawberry Fields . . .

this cutie gives me flowers all the time, how lucky am i?

 serious player
 central park is truly a beautiful place, so nice

#thedakota #johnlennon #rosemarysbaby
art piece by yoko ono, in memory of john lennon
#strawberryfields forever
give #peace a chance

p.s. Congratulations Germany on winning the #WorldCup2014!  Now, we wait another four years until the next one . . .

-Fabiola Conrado. #nyc, #centralpark, #harlem, #workmode #mondayfunday #smile

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