Keep Summer Alive

Great morning to you on this beautiful summer Friday in July, wooooo. Two months of summer have gone by so fast. We still have a good amount of time left for heat. I remember my Halloween costume last year and I wore a tank dress with no jacket, so it stays warm for a while. We'll have a few cool days in there but mainly warm. Even though we have heat for many more months, jackets are now on display in store windows.

Parents shopping for their kids, I understand. They have to buy their clothes/supplies in August for September. Everyone else, please explain the madness. I'm a slight bit of a fashionista, but mainly would rather wear jeans, a tank top and flip flops every day. I don't understand the need to buy winter clothes in July. I get that it's a business, New York is one big, outside shopping mall. Right now, the whole city is covered with "fall previews," "end of season" sales and winter clothes, reminding us summer is coming to a close. It's too early though.

Let us revel in the heat until the very last day. This will never happen because it's New York and there is money to be made. Fall is next and the time is now to think about wearing scarfs, leather jackets and tights. We can wear our comfy boots, layers and furry hoods. I'm trying but it's not working. I want to keep wearing flip flops, long hippie dresses, short shorts and bathing suits. I won't be ready to start thinking about those other clothes, for at least another four weeks.

Stores could help us keep summer going by moving the fall stuff to the back of the store, instead of the front window. While they're at it, they could stop calling it the "end of season" sale and think of other ways to move the clothes no one wants to buy. New York, I love you, but please stop killing the vibe and keep summer alive!

-Fabiola Conrado. #summer2014 #fall2014 #nyc #rooftop48 #fashion 

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