Great Night Moonshine

It seems that everyone is on the meditating kick these days. It's a good thing, maybe the world will become a more peaceful place with everyone sitting around meditating. Yoga is also something relaxing to do. I tried an aerobic yoga class and I found it hard, I didn't really like it. Hot yoga is enjoyable, that I did like. Lately, my schedule has been pretty packed, so I've relied on sleep as my main go to stress reliever. Moms and dads learn quickly in the early stages that sleep is a luxury, that is to be cherished.

Time outs. Forget the ill behavior from children, put yourself in there. My son thinks it's hilarious and he lets me stay in there for a long time. When I'm feeling grumpy or tired I go to my room and close the door. I'll either close my eyes and rest or read. My son will no doubt take me out, so I just wait it out.

Naps. Make them a regular thing. Schedule them in and look forward to them. When the time comes, set your alarm for an hour or two (or three if you're able). Let everyone know it's your nap time and you may even get some good nap kisses, like my munchkin does for me.

Go offline. We live so much online, it's nice to go off the grid every now and then. Turn off the phone and the tablet for hours at a time - does this sound crazy to you? If it does, then you're a good candidate to do this. Life does exist outside of our cell phones and tablets. It's very liberating to hit "power off" for a few hours on the weekend. News apps and social media will zap you right out of that walk, book, magazine, nap or conversation with your family.

Make bedtime a routine. Kids sleep better when they have a routine and it turns out so do grown ups. Get "ready for bed" each night by creating a routine. Women are pretty good at this already as we have to remove our make-up (when we wear it). Take a cool shower perhaps on a hot summer day, apply good smelly lotion and massage the temples. These little things put us in a relaxed frame of mind for deep sleeping and feel good.

Cherish sleep. Making a conscious effort to cherish our sleep, helps us sleep better. If you're not a great sleeper but want to become one, this is the best way to do it. During the day, look forward to getting back into your comfy bed, it will set the tone for a lovely sleep.

The comfy bed. Of course, the bed is the most important. Making the bed every morning is a way of thanking it for a great sleep. Washing the sheets once a week (or twice if you're a smellier person), keeps the fresh scent and is nice to breathe in every now and then when you're trailing off. Fluffy pillows are a must. I've been trying to figure out if I like pillows or not lately. A gigantic snowman has taken over but he has to go soon, I'm way too old to sleep with a stuffed animal. My son loves when I do it though.

Just writing this has made me sleepy and want to get back into bed. The forecast is looking grey and rainy for the next three days, perfect nap weather. I have a busy day and no nap is planned unfortunately, but I am looking forward to later tonight, when I can crawl back into comfyland and get back to a dreamstate. Nite nite.

-Fabiola Conrado. #dreamer #sleeper #napper #relaxer #unwinder #jomo

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