Breathing Underwater | METRIC | The Remix

Little girls secretly wonder what they will look like and how their life will be when they are grown ups. They wish they could travel through time, fifteen years forward and watch their future selves. They would imagine themselves hanging out with their older self. If time travel were possible, they would stand by invisibly and watch themselves get ready for work, put on their make-up, shower their grown-up body and put on their grown-up clothes. They would be in awe at how they have their own life and can do whatever they want. They look back in their mirror, of their little girl's room and think, it doesn't seem possible, it's so far away.

Time eventually passes, the little girls grow up and are determined to have their own lives, their own money and take care of themselves. They take on projects that turn into passions, they move to other cities to find themselves, they settle down in relationships, they move into their own homes, they start businesses, they have babies, they build career experience, they rise corporate ladders and eventually, they find their way. Before they know it, they are now the age they always wondered about. They have arrived. They look around and think, "is this my life?"

All the elements are there from the memory of what they would become, it had to be. If this is what they always wondered about, they should be living in euphoria. Some may look around and expect things to be different. They may expect to have completed all of their goals, become something greater than they are, be at the top position in their company, have the best behaved children, have the perfect marriage, have attained success beyond belief and living a life free of problems, worry, demands, pressure and stress. . .

They do, afterall, have their own life; filled with happiness and love. They have completed goals, became great people and have embraced their passions. They wear whatever clothes they want and their children are amazing. They enjoy the beautiful weather when it happens and settle comfortably into their marriages. They enjoy their homes, their hobbies and are successful in their careers. They can go to bed at whatever time they want and eat or go wherever they choose. This is all in check, so it should be great then, as this is what they always dreamt about.

They wonder why then, they keep looking into the future, "In five years I'll be" . . . and know they should be appreciating their life and what is right in front of them, right now. Just as sure as the sun will rise everyday, the future will no doubt come. The little girls taught us, there's no need to wonder about that. What matters is the life today, right now, this second. This is it, this is the dream. Let go of the breath, come above water and live in the moment.

-Fabiola Conrado. Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead, Joules Scott-Key. METRIC | SYNTHETICA. 
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