The Storm Will Pass

Good morning to you on this summer Friday. It is not a beautiful day outside though (unless you plan to veg on the couch all day, then yeah it's beautiful for that - not knocking this activity). Today marks day five of the world's slowest moving storm. The fifth day in a row of grey, cool, rainy weather. I can't believe it is still raining five days later, wtf? A scientist in Queens explained the whole thing to me yesterday. It's too much to write here and besides it would bore you to death, but let's just say if you don't believe in global warming by now, you're out to lunch.

Everyday we wake up and have a choice, we can either think positively or negatively. Whatever the challenge in front of you -- no matter how hard it is -- you have a choice in how you want to think about the outcome. You can either think, I will be successful in this or there's no chance, it's not happening. At this crossroads is when a decision is made. We may as well think it will go the positive way. If we go with positive, we'll feel good about the situation instead of worrying about it. If it goes wrong, at least you spent the day or week in good spirits. 

There is nothing I can do or say that will make this dreary weather go away, although I have been known to do a bit of magic here and there. For now, I'm going to veg out to The xx.  If you haven't heard this music yet, listen below. xx virgins: listen to Infinity first. Thank you Josh Beckerman for introducing me to these guys, they're lovely...

xo Fabiola Conrado. #Thexx, #worldslongeststorm, #globalwarming, #vegout

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