The Real Housewives of Orange County - Review

"I'm not getting older, I'm just getting bolder." Nice one Tamra. I love to see what these crazies are wearing and how they do their hair and make-up. It is totally different from my NY street style (read: black), which is why I love it. The women are butting heads this season quite a bit. Bye bye Gretchen and Alexis. Gretchen's departure was not a surprise, as she was beginning to think it was the Real Housewife of the O.C. and I am surprised Alexis got the boot.

The two newbies are Shannon and Lizzie. Lizzie is a fun-loving spirit with two small boys (and she wants another one) and Shannon has three bigger kids, all girls. The best line so far comes from Shannon's husband, to Lizzie's husband, at Shannon's Christmas party: "When you're happy, you produce boys, when you're not, you produce girls," then he points to his three girls. Not cool bro. 

Shannon is the most interesting on the show this season. Her entry line is something to the effect of that she is, "...not hiding anything." That's great and all, but some things are best left just within the family. As the show progresses, her marital problems surface. All married couples have issues, that's normal, what is not normal, is fighting in front of people and knocking him down every chance she gets, on camera. Keep it under the roof honey and what a beautiful roof it is. They do have a gorgeous home, gorgeous daughters, they're a beautiful couple and I love that she's into the holistic life-style.

We find out in the last show that Shannon and her husband have been sleeping in separate rooms since the girls were born. Eeek! Their oldest looks about nine years old, not good. The fact that I know this about another couple is disturbing, this should be internal info only. She is putting it out there though, so people are going to comment. This marriage is on the outs, it's only a matter of time now . . . unless they can fix it. Maybe the show will force them to look at their situation and force them to take action and change, we'll soon see. I'm rooting for them. #teamshannon

So far Lizzie is taking a peace-maker, neutral role. She doesn't have much else going on. She never disagrees with anything anyone says. I know she doesn't want to start any drama, but she's on the #RHOC for goodness sake, that's what they do. I doubt this will last, no one can pretend to agree with everything everyone says all the time. I'm sure we'll start to see her voicing her opinion soon, she already does it a bit and then wraps it with, "but that's ok to do that." I'm sure the women would rather hear what she really thinks, than a bunch of hogwash (I have no idea where I got this word from).

Tamra is my fav. She calls the women out and at the same time apologizes when she screws things up. I don't believe Heather either that she had nothing to do with her gym being on the show. I doubt the producers went behind her back, called the gym she works out at and asked them to come on. Heather had to have given them a contact name. She made up for it though and invited Tamra on. A real apology would have been nice instead of, "I'm sorry your upset." What's up with the creepy robo-baby Tamra bought? Just get pregnant already girl.

Heather . . . This woman is tightly wound, I would love to see her hit a peace pipe or something. I agree with Shannon and Tamra, she does talk down to people. She is talking to grown women, not two year olds. Does she really think we're going to believe Shannon's latest beef isn't with her, but solely with Tamra? She told Shannon, "Come talk to me when you have a problem with me." As soon as she did so, not only did she kick her out, she gossiped again that it was "strange" that Shannon came to talk to her. It looks like Heather apologized a few days ago to Shannon for this on her blog: Heather Apologizes To Shannon.

Vicki is always hilarious. The way she handled her daughter following her husband to Oklahoma was great. Her daughter's husband could use some lessons in manners, he treats Vicki the way her daughter treats her and it is not good. She deserves some respect, especially since she's buying them a house! He just sits there and complains about her along with his wife. Poor Vicki, she loves her grand-kids and has to deal with their whiny parents. She's still with her boyfriend though, despite every one's opinions. He may not be the best thing for her, but he does seem to love her and treat her well, that we can see.

Who is your favorite housewife? Who is your least fav? 

xo to the oc. all pics by bravo.
-Fabiola Conrado, #RHOCreview, #RHOC, #Bravo, Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, Lizzie Povsek, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador.

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