Sun Worshiper

Good morning to you on this summer Monday. Everything in the summer as far as I'm concerned is summer this or summer that. I grew up in warm sunshine all year round so to have it for just a short period is a little on the strange side. I'm used to it now and am becoming a good "snow bird." I am now one of those people I used to laugh at, who would come down to Florida in January, go to the beach and get into the water.

In the summer, I do most of everything outside, even eat breakfast. As everyone else who is deprived of hot sun for nine months, understands this is normal behavior. Today's forecast is rain all day and according to weatherbug, it will rain all week, except for Wednesday. One whole day this week we'll have sunshine, that I think is not normal. My theory is that storms become stuck in the smog and pollution. Even more reason to worship the sun.

I find pleasure in knowing the weather forecast for the U.S. and world. I'm pretty sure I was a meteorologist in another life. You can ask me about next week's weather and I can tell you. Curious? It's supposed to be sunny the whole time (I know, what a nerd). Have a wonderful start of the week, hugs and big kisses to you.


-Fabiola Conrado #summer2014, #love #sunworshiper #summertime

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