Good morning. It is so hard to get out of bed on a Monday, wow. I'm up though, I'm up. I've recently discovered that my son's big, stuffed snowman is the most comfy thing in the world, and now I'm a grown woman sleeping with a stuffed snowman everynight :/ Onto the brainwashing . . .

Mondays Mornings Are Fabulous

It Is A Beautiful Day Outside

Mondays Are Start Fresh Day

You Can Never Go Wrong In The Summer

This Week Will Be Successful

Make It Happen
From my boy on Friday

From my angel on Saturday

For my munchkin on Sunday

What a great game, USA vs. Portugal - tied up! 

xo Fabiola Conrado, #summer2014, #summertime, #flowerfarm, #boheme, #flowershopping, #fifa, #worldcup2014, #brasil, #love

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