Kids Live Better Than Us

We can learn a lot from children. These smart, small people know how to live. They go about their day learning and being with their friends and after the "work" part is done, they play, play play. Sure, they throw tantrums here and there, but when they're over, they get over them with a unique quickness. Here are some more reasons why kids live better than we do...

We live by the clock, they do not, they live by the sun.
They could care less what time it is. The only time they seem care is when they have to leave for school or have to go to bed. Other than that, it could be a Sunday on a Tuesday for all they know. They know about clocks but have no idea how time works, how lucky are they.

We can dwell on things, kids do not, they just scream/cry and it's over.
Kids intuitively know the best solution for a problem is to cry it out. Once the crying is over, they're happy again and ready to play. They don't bother crying about it a second time, because they've already taken care of that issue the first cry around. It's done.

We tend to over-think projects, kids do not, they bang them out and then insist everyone look. 
Kids will draw, paint, write, sing, play music and build so fast and then are so proud of what they've accomplished, they demand you look at their work. They don't look at it and think, hmmm, I wonder if this is good? They just naturally believe whatever they've created is good and show it off, to as many people as possible!

We don't like to get muddy or walk around bare-foot, kids don't care, in fact they prefer it.
To my dismay, my son spends a good amount of time in a little mud pit he's created. He digs away, adds water and digs more. His feet, hands, face, clothes become covered in mud and he doesn't even notice. Shoes? Why? The ground and grass feel so good to them when they're barefoot. I tried to follow my sons lead once and felt so uncomfortable, after the bottoms of my feet became real dirty - for the first time since I was a kid probably - I didn't care anymore and I stayed that way for the day (at home lol).  

When we hang out with people and become tired, we have a hard time leaving, kids, they just blurt it out. "I'm ready to go home now." The other kids are left wondering why, the kid saying it could care less and even says it again, "let's go home!" If the mama or papa didn't take the clue, they will be dragged out by the hand.

Running around outside is something we have to plan, kids, it's part of their everyday routine. 
Being outside, riding bikes, playing tag, playing hide and seek, running in the sprinkler, running, splashing in a pool, digging in dirt, riding scooters, playing basketball, playing soccer, frisbee throwing, water gun shooting, building snowmen, making igloos, snowball fights... to name a few examples of everyday must-dos for children.

We (some) tend to think drinking is necessary with activities, kids have never even tasted it. 
Kids live content, happy and fun-filled lives without a drop of alcohol, can you imagine? They dance together, listen to music, hang around people who are drinking and could care less, they fetch beers, and would much rather drink an exotic, fruit drink on ice, in a low ball, than a yucky glass of wine or cocktail. 

Children are amazing, small people who keep it real yo.

In the spirit of kids, please share this post with someone, I know they will want to see it too!!! ;>

xo Fabiola Conrado, #summer2014, #summertime, #kiddies, #babies, #love, #adorables

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