It's Almost Monday, Woooo!

Good morning. I hope you're having a great week, one more day until the weekend starts. I read somewhere recently that people who talk about Friday all the time, are supposedly people who are not happy at work. Just because we look forward to laying in a hammock for hours, traveling, going to the beach or going to the park all day, doesn't mean we don't like our jobs.

The activities we can't do during the week are what we look forward to, not escape from our jobs, that's so silly. We work hard all week, of course we're going to look forward to rest and relaxation. Working is not easy, there are pressures, deadlines and demands that can cause stress. There are also great rewards, perks, friendships and people. Hopefully, we choose fields we understand and can handle, as that is what we're being paid to do.

We wouldn't enjoy it anyway if we weren't being challenged, we would get bored. It's very normal to feel work pressure. Even the people in the most high-demanding jobs, train themselves how to unwind and let go during the week. It's the little things that get us through to the weekend such as, eating lunch in a park, wrapping up a big project, a cup of tea, solving a large problem or meeting a friend after work. On the weekends, we relax and unwind to the bigger things. By hitting refresh, we can go back to work on Monday, ready to kill's almost Friday!

-Fabiola Conrado, #worktolive, #workhardrelaxhard, #r&r, #makeithappen

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