Feeling High

Great morning to you on this summer Friday. I had some creepy dreams last night, so I'm a little lazy-eyed right now. They seemed very real, I can still feel the spider touching my arm. No need to analyze that one, I found a large spider on my wall the other day, it scared the hell out of me. It's amazing how dreams tell these huge stories, it's like going to the movies every night. I think I need to change my vitamins, these realistic dreams can't be normal.

What do you have planned for the weekend? As if anyone is ever going to answer :O I made zero plans and will play it all by ear. That's how I like to roll in the summer, with high, peaceful spirits. Have a fabulous weekend...



Hippie lovin'


How fun is this song?

Moody summer vibes

xo Fabiola Conrado, #summervibes, #summertime, #love, #peace

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