E.D.M. Played Out?

First off, must we call it edm? Who named it that and why? Calling music by an acronym is ridiculous. I remember when there was house music and it was something not everyone knew about, it was "underground." This was the appeal as the people who were really into it liked to "discover" new music and make it their own. When music is being fed through basic radio, commercials, the internet and social media, people are being told what to listen to. This is when it turns mainstream and everyone, including those with bad taste in music, are listening to it.

I'm starting to think electronic music is played out. I used to be a house head and went to all the underground clubs to "find" the best music, sometimes even hearing it played for the first time by the producers themselves, it felt exclusive. Now it's everywhere and it's not so special anymore. Dubstep in particular made electronic music common and its sound has been influencing all other new electronic music ever since. The new racket is hardcore, intense and aggressive, I do admit to liking some of it though. The masses have now embraced electronic and the only thing left for it is Top40. When that happens, surely it won't be fashionable anymore.

There is definitely some good "edm" out there, but it's far in between. What will be the next big thing in music overall? It was exciting when rap and hip hop came on the scene, hopefully something radical is on its way. In the meantime, what's sounding good is music with words that mean something, coupled with guitars, drums, captivating vocals and other musical instruments that make noise to compliment the overall tonality, giving it soul and depth. Here is some new music I've "found," through un-conventional outlets and in my opinion, sound great (the last one is an absolute fav)...

-Fabiola Conrado, #PortugalTheMan, #Blondfire, #Deerhunter, #BeachHouse, #TameImpala, #YeahYeahYeahs

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