Blocked By Summer

Good morning. Another beautiful day ahead. Beautiful weather squashes my desire to write. Right now for example, I want be outside tending to my garden, instead of sitting in front of the computer. In the winter, there is no green and being outside is too cold.

As we have three full months of heat, I want them to be special, so I give up air-conditioning (for the most part). If I get to a point where the heat becomes overpowering and I'm thinking some cool air would be nice, I'll reflect on this thought when it's 15 degrees next winter.

Giving up air-conditioning makes me hang outside, all the time. I seek out shade and bodies of water. What's the point of air-condition in the home? So we can sit inside? I've been inside for nine months, I'm good. I want to live mainly outside and happily let summer absorb me...

xo Fabiola Conrado, #summerwritersblock #uhoh #lovesummer #summer2014 

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