A Quest Of Euphoria

Our first crushes are hard to remember, there's no way right? A first boyfriend or girlfriend is easier. Mine played baseball at the fields behind my house. In between my house and the baseball fields were woods. I carved out a path so I could easily access it and would take me less than a minute to get there. The team always practiced and played games there, so he always came to my "neck of the woods." He finally noticed me and we started "going out." We held hands every now and then and back then that was HUGE. 

First kisses are another monumental moment. Do you remember yours? Hopefully it was a pleasant experience if so. I do remember mine and it was a flash forward quite a few years to a boy with a car. My first kiss was at the sponge docks, where we walked for hours and ate Greek food. First loves are really easy to remember and stay with us for the rest of our life. We often look back and remember ourselves then, how we were and what we liked to do, because love makes everything feel like the movies. 

First heart breaks are when things start to get real. My first happened so fast, like ripping off a bandaid (I guess that was his plan). Back then, it seemed I would never get over it, but alas, time and a few other cute boys took care of everything there. If there is anything I wish someone would have told me during my first heart break it's that, it will end. The second heartbreak came around and I wanted to laugh in its face. Puhleese, I had been there before and could handle it, to my surprise much faster too. I don't know if I would want my life today without my heartbreaks, they taught me to be strong, pick myself back up and move on.

What about a last love? Is there such a thing? I guess that is what marriage is supposed to be. What's the point of getting married if there's more than a 50/50 chance we'll end up divorced? I guess it's what we do in our society, we get married to our "last love." Divorced people reading this are laughing right now. Maybe marriage isn't the end all, maybe it's just another "first" to help us get to know ourselves even more. For the forty-five percent who are certain they have married their "last loves," more power to you, seriously, may you live forever in absolute bliss. Peace and love.

-fabiola conrado, #firstloves, #peace, #bliss, #happiness

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