The Cool Moms Club

It happened again, we were chatting away having a lovely conversation and boom, "He really needs a play friend, you should have another one, he could get bored by himself." At the end of her sentence and to emphasis her point, she gave me a pout face. My reaction was silent shock that a mom would try to make another mom feel guilty about having only one child.

I realized, in her mind - she believed she was trying to "help." Luckily, another mom entered the room, so my desire to tell this mom - whom I barely know - why she was not helping was diverted. I didn't have to tell her that trying to make a fellow mom feel guilty for not getting pregnant again, giving birth, breast feeding and raising a small child is not nice. Nor did I have to tell her to kindly mind her own business and not worry about my personal life. I also didn't have to tell her that my son is not bored and that one day her son will be bored, even though he has a sibling.

If my son gets bored, I'm totally fine with that. If it happens, then maybe he'll discover a book or learn to build a train set or draw on his chalkboard or plant flowers or go ride his bike. Boredom is a good thing, it can help him grow. He doesn't have a sibling, so? As for playing with other children, he has plenty of opportunities and sometimes turns them down. I bet she couldn't imagine that scenario: "Honey, let's go to the park." "Later."

We all want to be the best parents we can be and raise the best children possible. Moms are supposed to stick together, encourage each other and give each other tips to make it easier, because let's be real, it's hard. Moms are a team. I guess there are all kinds of moms and that's fine. Personally, I prefer moms I'm on the same page with, these are the kind I nominate into the cool moms club.

Are you in?

-Fabiola Conrado. #cmc #coolmomsclub #lovemymunchkin #adorables #kids #lovemybabyboy #love

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