Slave To The Grind

Strangely, the phone alarm didn't work. No matter, the alarm in her head worked like a charm and up she rose with the sun. Early mornings are becoming enjoyable, setting the tone for productive days. Commitment is made and she's ready. Mondays are a drag. Weatherbug says it will reach 81 degrees, a taste of what's to come. Hot weather everyday is right around the corner, maybe even next week.

The grind really started yesterday evening, thinking about Monday and wanting to stay ahead of the week. She erased the thought and focused her attention back to the weekend. She could think about it in the morning. Here it is now and without fail, she's restless. Her plan worked and the early morning is available to sort things out. Her to-do list is overdue for a fresh sheet. What really needs to happen today? What can wait until tomorrow? Get the bigger jobs out the door. Push the smaller ones out in between.

Hot tea helps to pull it all together. Coffee will come later, for an extra kick. She knows she shouldn't drink coffee as it makes her eyes twitch and hands shake. The side effects only last a little while, she can push through them. Getting the week jump started takes over the morning so much, she almost forgets to stop and appreciate the dawn. In the quiet, the peaceful flowers look back at her and surprisingly the air is warm, adding a sense of calm. Maybe there's no rush after all. 

Welcome to the new week, grind it out...

Last gasp:
Breakfast in bed for my day. This is why my honey gets the good loven'.
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-Fabiola Conrado. #flowers #constantgardener #gardening #spring2014 #summer2014 #love #goodmorning

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