Jaded New Yorker

Friday and Saturday are right around the corner. Gearing up for the weekend now consists of mainly thinking up fun kid stuff to do (and sneaking in as many naps as possible). This weekend, I think I'll take a big sheet to the park and chill there for hours, resting is just a good as napping in my book.

I've become so jaded that it takes a lot to get me interested in going out, for a big night on the town. A burlesque woman dancing on a table in front of me, yawn. Trapeze artist swinging for her life above me while I sip my cocktail, she should be careful. Mixologist juggling bottles set on fire, played out. Gay man in a cage on top of a bar, wearing nothing but a chain around his waist and a mask on his face...ok, this one I had to watch, I mean what was this guy going to do next? It's not just me, all my friends are like this.

My idea now of a perfect big night out, is eating delicious food while listening to great music and experiencing something I've never seen before, a tall order. Luckily, New York has plenty fit-for-foodie restaurants owned by music freaks, that book out of the box entertainment, to satisfy even the most jaded of New Yorkers. McKittrick hotel - Sleep No More, I'm coming for you next...#watch.


-Fabiola Conrado, #watch, #sleepnomore, #chelsea, #excited

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