I Like To Drink

The weekend is here, that means it's party time for a lot of people, woo. Drinking has been a part of my life for many, many years now. I live it, breathe it and own it as I'm a wine and spirits professional. When I first started out in the business, I took full advantage of it: parties, free booze, more parties. Now, I care more about the business side of it and am more picky about when I drink.

Here are some things I've learned about drinking...

You don't need more than two drinks to catch a buzz
Marketing works - you are being told what to drink - free yourselves
There are better quality spirits on the market that cost less than what's being marketed 
People are purchasing wine based on packaging - that's nuts - take advantage 
of free wine tastings in the local liquor store
The responsible way to drink is to sip and drink water in between
Always eat before drinking, even if it's only one cocktail or a glass of wine - eat something first!
There is no need to drink all night, if the "buzz" is on, switch to water or lite beer
Save shots for special occasions, unless hangovers are your thing
Drinking wine at home? Pick up bread and cheese too at least - no drinking without eating 
The obvious is to never drive when you've had too much, call a cab or crash at someone's house

A good bottle of red wine is wonderful as well as a white or rosé for the warmer months. There are so many wines on the market that there is no need to stick to one. Tasting different wines and enjoying a variety of good ones is one of life's pleasures. For spirits, cachaças, hand-crafted whiskeys and products with medicinal qualities as well as organic spirits are my favorites.

Orson Salicetti

Igor Zukowiec

The Sunburst at Mar's in Astoria

Armando Batista

Telepan, UWS

Daniel Renwanz
What do you like to drink?

-Fabiola Conrado #drinkresponsibly #libations #cocktails #spirits #beer #wine 

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