Funny or Misbehavior?

Kids say the darnedest things. The boy in my house says things that I think are absolutely hilarious. When chatting with my sisters and I begin telling the stories for a laugh, I realize it may not sound funny to them and that I may be outing my son as the world's biggest misbehaver, so I hold my tongue. No more though, let's figure this out once and for all...

Cute/funny or Misbehaver? 
You decide...

A. Him, "Be quiet old lady."
B. Me, "Honey, why is there koolaid all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor??" Him, "I don't know."
C. Him, "Why am I in time-out again?"
D. One hour after bedtime... Me, "Go to sleep honey." Him, "I want you, come here for a kiss" (in his cutest voice).
E. Him, "No, listen to me, the plan is: you go the store, buy the jellybeans and bring them here."
F. In the middle of "scary" part of movie-time (The Never Ending Story) at the library... Him, "I think we should leave now."
G. Me, "Honey, turn off the movie now and go to sleep, you have school in the morning." Him, "Get out."
H. Next night... Me, "Oh well, the tablets' dead, guess you have to fall asleep using your plain old head." Him, "What about the phones?" Me, "Go to sleep."
I. His way of giving me a heads up that he'll throw a tantrum if I try and wash his hair..."Mama, I'm not in the bath to get clean." Me, "Um, Ok then why are you in there?" Him, "To play with my ships."
J. Me, "Look cutie, this is a picture of mama before you were born." Him, "Oh yeah, I can tell because now you have spots here" (as he points to my most-hated dark spots on my face). Me, "Yeah that's right sweetie."
K. Drags me to "come see"... Him, "I opened my own salon." Me, "Oh, you've cut your own hair?"
L. Him, "It's school again?"

Now that you've formulated your opinions, here are my answers:

A. Funny?
B. Total misbehaver, he knows why.
C. Cute and funny, what a cutie.
D. Misbehaver, he's manipulating me, he knows I'll do anything for love.
E. Misbehaver, he can't call the shots, I'm supposed to be in charge.
F. Absolutely funny, the mean-talking wolf was salivating, had long fangs and red eyes, I was even a little worried I would have nightmares about it. We left.
G. Obv
H. Hilarious that he jumped on to the next electronic, I need to burn those things.
I. Adorable, I like how he took the initiative to try and keep "me" from starting the drama.
J. Cute :/
K. Funny, seeing hair all over the floor was a little shocking at first and when I looked at his "new haircut" it was even funnier.
L. Cute, he doesn't realize the grind exists yet, he'll learn and be like the rest of us soon enough.

He keeps me laughing on a daily, he's my little comedian/mischevian.

"Clear the area, it's dangerous here, stay back you"

Any mom's, dad's, nanny's, grandma's, grandpa's, aunt's, care-taker's --beuuuuuuler-- who want to leave me some notes on how to change the obvious misbehavior or share funny things your kids are saying, please, be my guest.

-Fabiola Conrado #kids #love #mymunchkin #adorables #angel

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