Breaking Through With LOVE

Love could be the single most important word in the world. When there is love in our hearts, we can persevere through anything. With love comes some other amazing words such as, forgiveness and peace. Forgiving ourselves and other people is fundamental for our well-being.  No one is perfect. If you're looking for that, what you will find is bits and pieces of perfection, mixed with words you wished you hadn't said, things you wished you never did, things you wished you did do, places you wished you never went, accidents you wished never happened and decisions you wished you never made...because we're human.

We will make mistakes today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives - there is no stopping this beast. All we can do is accept them, learn from them, forgive, love and move on. Love sets us free to find peace and another amazing word, calm. With love, time heals all wounds.  Cheers to the weekend and to love, hugs, smiles, friends, family, beautiful people and music....


-Fabiola Conrado, #katebush, #lcdsoundsystem, #thedoors, #jimmorrison, #jimthepoet #breakthrough #love

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