Be A Real Bestie

Women hold real value in our friendships with other women, we take them seriously, because we genuinely love them. Real friends are the ones we feel comfortable talking about anything with, our deepest thoughts and secrets. There are subjects that we all reserve for immediate family only. The friends we trust to get in on these topics, are ones we hold closer to our hearts. No matter how close a friend is, it's a risky move to do first, as you don't know if your trust will be betrayed. Once you go down the path, you could be opening yourself to some hurt, or... to a new best friend. After years of solid trust, they cross over and become family.

A real friend is one who fully supports you no matter what, just like family. She understands she is considered a best friend and would never do anything to hurt you. Sure, friends have falling outs that can be big and dramatic or small and quiet. When they happen (just as family has fall outs) they get past them, eventually. A falling out will not kill a best friendship forever, it can make them stronger. They become stronger because after the ice has thawed, best friends reach back out to each other and when they do, this is huge in women friendship world, it means it's real.

Social media plays a big role in friendships these days. When women post pictures, they make statements with their comments. Sometimes those words can make you feel like the most special person in the world and sometimes they can hurt. If someone says they're your "best friend" and the next day posts a photo with another friend saying she too is her "best friend," this can leave the other bestie sad and wondering, "I guess she says that to everyone and we're not really best friends after all." It is a big deal, as best friends matter and words matter.

I have multiple best friends, some closer than others, but once they're considered a "best friend," I will cherish that friendship and call them by their new title. I'll be mindful to not hurt them by posting a comment such as "this is my best friend in the whole world right here!" I am mindful to know this would hurt my other besties. I try to choose my words carefully and opt for a comment such as "one of my best friends in the whole world right here!" or just leave it out all together. Sometimes I forget, I'm not perfect and I know I've probably hurt my besties in the past with this silliness. If I did and my besties are reading this (I hope they read my blog), I don't want them to ever wonder if I meant it when I said I was their best friend, because if I call you a best friend, I mean it.

#bff #bestfriends #friendsforever #besties...for real.

xo Fabiola Conrado

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