We're All Going To Get Old

When you hit 30, telling people your age is no longer fun. It was fun to say, "I'm 22" or "I'm 23." Even saying 24 and 25 sounds old around people in their early twenties, who were right next to you in the bars. There's a saying, "Never ask a woman her age." There's a reason why that saying is popular. I started answering this question with, "Why do you want to know?"

It is inevitable, we will all age and become grandma and grandpas (God willing). Reading books by the fire all day, knitting, napping; I'm going to be the best grandma ever, that sounds like a nice, relaxing lifestyle. I have yet to inject anything into my face or go under the knife, to stop the signs of aging. I never rule out anything until I'm faced with it, for now I'm good.

Taking care of your skin as early as possible is key, if you haven't started, get on it. Cigarettes are the fastest way to wrinkles and looking older than you do (not to mention cancer). Too bad, I kind of like the ritual of smoking. My regiment starts at night by removing my make-up, applying creme with retinol and eye serum. I do a mask once a week and twice a week an exfoliation. This does the trick for me. I should do the toner too, but I'm too lazy.

Men don't give a crapola about getting old. That's because men age gracefully, for real. In fact, in my opinion, men are much more interesting as they get older. They look better, more distinguished and "manly." Women need to take some tips from men on this. Onward and upward no matter what age we are. If you want to be all miserable because you're getting old, have fun there, personally I don't have time for that.

Oliver Martinez, 48
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Daniel Craig, 46
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Jude Law, 41
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Johnny Depp, 50
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Beautiful celebrity women no longer in their 30's:
Halle Berry
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Jennifer Lopez
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Cameron Diaz
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Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, 
Daniel Craig, Halle Berry, 
JLo, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, 
Oliver Martinez, #aginggracefully
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