Trashing Art Work

I don't want to. I love it, but it is taking over my house. It's on my counters, table tops, inside my drawers and entry-ways are blocked by it. It's nice to look at but one too many. The artist would be horrified if he knew what I was thinking. The problem is, he brings home about 4 pieces of work a day -- every day -- and it's piling up, my darling little face of an angel.

He and his fellow artists do their best work at school. It's an issue as these are his first works of art. The pictures alone are hard but then there's the writings. I started keeping them at first, then they began showing up everywhere. Moms/Dads, you feel me?

I hang them on the fridge, on the wall and in frames, now I'm out of places. While his passion for his work remains the same, mine has started to diminish a little, "Oh more?, great!" I don't want to stunt his creativity. One loca cleaning day of mine, I took a whole bunch and tossed them out, he has no idea. I felt no guilt, in fact, it felt great, until... recycling day.

I looked at the big box I was about to discard forever and pulled up some of the work. There they were, little fuzzy balls of some sort glued together on construction paper with his signature. Another piece with cut outs of faces from magazines to teach him God knows what. Another with yarn strung through an elephant's neck...for goodness sake.

Those beautiful people, the teachers -- please, ladies/gentlemen -- keep some of it at school, we (the parents) don't need every single piece, do we?

And sometimes he'll just use the walls themselves as a canvas, using pencil and chocolate hands 

Anyone want to chime in? I'm keeping the bigger pieces but it's those little ones that are so many and hard to part with.

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Fabiola Conrado

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