The Awakended Ones

Good morning. Yesterday was sunny and dare I say, warm. Today is looking to be the same. With this kind of weather, one doesn't need much positive message reinforcement, just go outside and hang out in the Sun. No wonder those Californians and Floridians are so freaking happy all of the time.

I'm not an expert on meditation, but I've read a few books and have done some research on the subject. I find it interesting because on the path towards enlightenment or nirvana ("stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion and delusion have been extinguished" - Wiki), you find a sense of calm.

Meditation is step one. Have you ever done yoga? If so, you've meditated. That feeling of holding the calm for as long as possible and letting go of mind clutter is meditation. More serious meditates, take this practice into their homes and make it a focal point. Meditation increases your overall well-being and is where you can find clarity, kindness, confidence and self-assurance.

It's easy and enjoyable to try, start with sitting on the floor Indian style. Turn off the radio and t.v., make sure the kids are out of the house (unless you want to try and teach them too, may not be as enjoyable). Lighting a candle and burning incense, helps to set the mood. Close your eyes and begin paying attention to your breathing. If you have a lot of mind clutter, this may take up to ten breaths before you find the stillness. When you reach it, keep breathing and just listen to the quiet. You will then officially be meditating.

For early adopters, I suggest just trying to reach a point where you are free from mind clutter for even thirty seconds, this is hard to do. Do this everyday for about a week and master it. From there, take it up a notch and try to go longer. Meditation will not end all the stress in life, that's ludicrous. It will introduce you to your inner strength, that will guide you through it when it surfaces... then you're on your way to becoming an awakened one.

In the moment of nothingness
If you try meditation, I would love to hear about your experience and happily reply and give feedback. If you're experienced with meditation, please provide some helpful comments. Have a fabulous day.

Fabiola Conrado

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