NEW Art Alert: Michael Kagan, Gregory Johnston - Styling & Profiling

Thursday eve I was back at the Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea, for the opening reception of two new artist showcases. Thank you to Maria for the invite and Joshua for your friendliness. I love hanging out in my old hood, brings back a good ten plus years worth of meaningful memories. I do miss being stepping stones away from all the galleries.

Seeing, hearing, watching or reading new art is always exciting. Seeing new work displayed in a gallery along with fifty plus people, is even more enjoyable as everyone is on the same page - or at least I think we are. You can get close to the painting (Josh is having a heart attack right now reading this) and see the textures and appreciate the efforts more. You can't touch them though, it's rude. The pieces are big and bold, with stories of inspiration to learn about.

The contrasting styles of the two artists, one using paint on canvas (Kagan), versus and the other using enamel on aluminum panel (Johnston), was the most striking when I walked in.

Johnston lives in East Hampton, NY and draws his inspiration from "styling and coach building tradition that created Italy's finest luxury sport cars, culminating in the racing cars and prototypes of Ferrari-which dominated both Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans," according to the gallery. The pieces are bold, solid and unique. It did seem as though I was looking at pieces off of a racing car, molded by hand into a unique sculpture, he captured that perfectly.

Kagan was born in Virginia Beach (lovely little town) and now resides in Brooklyn. He draws his inspiration from iconic images of rockets and astronauts. His father used to launch bottle rockets for him during his childhood. It's interesting to see how the memory of something his father did, chimes through in his art today. While looking at the painting, I could almost see Kagan aggressively applying each stroke of paint. Watch this profile of him and let him tell you himself about his work: Michael Kagan Artist Profiling.

All of the art is available for purchase. I would love to have one of these pieces hanging around in my house. To learn more about the art work, the artists and pricing, click here: Joshua Liner Gallery.

Gregory Johnston, Michael Kagan,
Joshua Liner, Fabiola Conrado,
Inny Kim, Maria Fernandez

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