Never Thought I'd Crawl Back To You

Friday finally, wooo. I'm working today and it's going to rain all day and I'm working again tomorrow, so I don't have much to wooo about really but hey, it's a Friday at least!

Rainy days call for chilly music, here are some of the best rain, chill out, veg out, do nothing, listen to music, get lost in the moment songs to get your weekend started. These vids go straight to the songs, no annoying ads first. Loven' the words on the last track, #hopelessromantic surrenders and crawls back...

#FleetwoodMac, #TheDoors, #Kansas
#ArcticMonkeys, #bestchilloutmusic, #getlost
#rainydays, #mellowmellowmellow
#TGIF, Fabiola Conrado

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