Mama Is Never Free

My girlfriend and I were recently trying to plan a dinner date. A text about the subject appeared on my phone: "When are you free?" I stared at it as though it were from outer space. I answered in my usual smart ass manner, "Never." My girl knows me well enough to know it was a joke, I will happily make time for dinner. It did get me thinking though...

We are all so busy, parents however, take the meaning to another level. As a single, evenings and weekends were "free" and it was easy to book things up. When children enter the picture, the "easy" part disappears. Kids provide a multitude of options to fill the time with little booking necessary. Some options can include: playing Lego, hanging out in a fort, playing with toys in a child's room, going to the playground, going for a walk, hanging at the ice cream parlor, kid's birthday parties, to name only a few.

My "free time," is my munchkin time and I wouldn't have it any other way. I still do have to make time for my loving girlfriends. There are times when my munchkin takes a little advantage of his loving mama and begins to demand time. For example, we're playing Lego on the floor, mama lays down to stretch her back - surprisingly, the floor is much more comfortable that she thought - oops, mama's eyes close..."MAMA, WAKE UP!" Mama's eyes open and looks at the angel in front of her, "NOW PLAY."

What a darling angel, he just loves playing with his mama. On the next little get away she can manage, she sneaks to the computer, reviews the calendar, picks a date and sends it via text as fast as humanely possible, before she's summoned again..."Looking forward to seeing you bella!"

-Fabiola Conrado #Lego #LegoCITY #legoallday #mamalife #munchkins #adorables #love

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