Grownup Fun

Last night I was back at Sons of Essex on the Lower East Side, you can never go wrong there. You know the deejay is good, when you're deep in conversation and the music takes you right out of it, thank you DJ Leslie Kirchhoff. A little thank you to the lovely PR lady for personally welcoming us to the event, nice touch.

My birthday month comes to a close today, if anyone cares. I got a late present in the mail this week, which stretched it out, better late than never works just fine. In keeping with my love of Sons theme, last week I had some more grown up fun there with friends and tunes by DJ Nicole Rose...

#SonsofEssex, #LowerEastSide, #NewYork, #FDLD, #NYC, Crystiina Avram, Fabiola Conrado. 

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