Good morning. I'm not hating on Monday today, tomorrow is my birthday and Earth Day so I'm a little elated. Not sure why I'm eager to turn another year older, but I am. My mother - the most fabulous, coolest woman on the planet - is who I look to for inspiration. Not until the day she acts like a little old lady (will never happen), will I feel old. My father is still quite "young" as well, my mom must influence him too. We have a big, crazy family and we keep each other in check.

Today is the Boston Marathon and tomorrow is Earth Day - too big things happening in the world. Tomorrow, our role as earthlings, is to help save our planet from the damages we've done thus far. If we unite, we can do it. To learn what you can do in your own home to help the cause and save money at the same time, click this link: GO GREEN. If you have no idea what Earth Day is about, click here to read and learn: What The Hell Does Earth Day Mean? 

SELFIE LOVERS: here's a good opp to take a picture of yourself... NASA launched a campaign called Earth Right Now, which includes the launch of five Earth observing missions. The goal is to "deliver more data to understand our changing planet," - NASA. They want everyone to participate tomorrow and take a #selfie of yourself anywhere on the Earth and tag #GlobalSelfie. This tag will show those who understand our environmental issues and are participating in saving the planet. NASA will use the #GlobalSelfie images to create a mosaic image of Earth, from the ground up. You can print out a sign to show in your selfie at the Earth Right Now link above. Cool, I may just have to do that one.

#GlobalSelfie example, -NASA

#GlobalSelfie sign to download, -NASA

photo: NASA

photo: 350mke.org

photo: business-ethics.com

photo: bgmearthscience.blogspot.com

*Have a fabulous Monday and Earth Day tomorrow earthlings*

#EarthDay2014, #GoGreen, 
#SaveThePlanet, #NASA, 
Fabiola Conrado

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