Eye Candy in Jersey City

Good morning. April showers bring May flowers. It's been raining non-stop since April began here in New York. We had a patch of beautiful yesterday, sunny and warmer. Regardless of the three layers I wore, it was the first day sans a coat since last Fall - a milestone. This decision I came to slightly regret as I was leaving my last destination and hit with a blast of arctic air - or so it seemed.

The city looked like an alternate universe, spring flowers on the sidewalks, the exaggerated wearing shorts and the more daring restaurants with their outside seating set-up. My last stop was the Newport Yacht Club Pier, to Batello restaurant, in Jersey City. The best part was the deck that boarders the restaurant, houses sail boats and yachts. Not a bad place to be stuck working for the evening. The food was delicious and it was distracting knowing there was freshly cooked lobster in the other room.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy now some of my amateur photography...

West Village

Outside seating makes its appearance

Freedom Tower view from Jersey City
Upclose and personal in Manhattan

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