Clean Slate For The Wicked

Today is going to be a day of hardcore relaxation. For my birthday my wonderful sisters sent me gift cards to Home Depot - they know me well. With those gift cards I'm going to go bananas in the garden center. You can never have too many flowers.

According to the Catholic faith, today in history, Jesus would still be in the tomb. Tomorrow, he will rise from the dead and all of our sins will be forgiven, thank you Jesus. We will all have a clean slate as of tomorrow. I'm going to roll with it and make a pact with myself to try and not sin. I'm going to start with easy ones such as: not bitching - I don't know that's gonna be hard, not making fun of people's outfits - another toughy with instagram and all and not judging my neighbor's brown "grass."

I need to wrap this up now, I have flowers to buy and a carnival to go to. But first, let me listen to some good music...

*Happy Easter to you and your loved ones*

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xo Fabiola Conrado

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