A Good Egg

Good morning. It's cold again, I'm not even going to get into the fact that it snowed the day before yesterday. A lot to look forward to...Good Friday, Easter, my birthday and Earth Day are coming up. My birthday falls on Earth Day. I grew up strict Catholic: went to Catholic school, church on Tuesdays during school, Sundays with my family AND Sunday night church school - so yeah pretty Catholic. As I grew older I started studying other religions such as Jehovah Witness, Jewish, and finally Buddhist.

While I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore, I will pop into a church every now and then and meditate there. Catholic churches are so beautiful and peaceful inside. It's more about the serene, spiritual environment that I enjoy. The actual faith itself has some problems, but I'm not dead set against it either. I love the overall message of peace, spirituality, love, be kind to your neighbor, etc. It's where my roots are and where I learned to be spiritual and have faith. I have faith now in a higher power and the universe. To the Catholics, Good Friday is a time to remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and Easter is when he rose from the dead.

That could all be true for all we know. I like the message it sends -- Jesus gave his life for our sins. I hope it deeply resonates with the Christians who are recognizing the Holiday. Catholics are doing better, the new pope, Pope Francis, is more progressive and looks to be an actual good person. Progressive for sure, he used to be a nightclub bouncer before entering the seminary! He has been known to disguise himself and go into the village and help the poor. Additionally, he has apologized for the priests who abused those children, he didn't try to cover it up. Finally, a good egg.

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Fabiola Conrado

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