A Fabulous Monday Is Possible

Good morning, it's early. This is a time that I'm not the most positive person in the world. It's early, I'm groggy, I worked all weekend, it's a Monday and I want to get back under my covers and sleep. I have a big day ahead of me so going back to bed is not an option. Commence brainwash...

It's Going To Reach 73 Today and Sunny

Winter Is Gone

Work Hard Relax Hard

Spring Is A Beautiful Season

Make The Day Count

Mondays Are Start Fresh Day

Put Negativity Behind You, Just Do It


Stop and Smell the Flowers

Today Will Be Successful


Be Kind

Hug Someone

Make It Happen

photo: catholicvote.org

Photo: enews.buddhistdoor.com

photo: successearch.wordpress.com

photo: youngacademic.co.uk

photo: likecool.com
Yeah he's definitely cool

photo: clickreadshare.com
Are you kidding me how cute this little bunny is

photo: incrediblethings.com
Incredible is right, I want this bunny as my pillow and want to cuddle with him for hours

Have a fabulous Monday.

Fabiola Conrado, #getitdone,
#thinkhappythoughts, #stopbeinggrumpy
#smile, #laugh

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