Where Did It Go? #MH370

According to all the major news outlets, on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 people on board, flying from Kuala Lumper (Malaysia) to Beijing (China) disappeared into thin air. Seven days later and Malaysian officials say its location is still undetermined. The Chinese are not happy about this as the majority of the people on board the missing flight are Chinese. The Chinese government has decided to send in their own technical team to figure it out. Let's get some Americans over there.

Photo: CNN
This is a real life mystery. Authorities have ruled out that it crashed into the sea and have stopped looking for wreckage. They now know all communications on the plane were shut down manually! The only communications they (whoever that may be) were not able to shut down were those located in the engines. Do do do do do do do do...you are now entering the twilight zone.

Where on earth is the plane and the 239 people? They have to be somewhere. Isn't this what happened to the plane on LOST?

Photo: BBC World News

All the clues so far seem to lead to the flight being deliberately taken. Someone who knew how to fly a plane took control, turned off all the systems and flew it into the unknown. Why though? The authorities are investigating the homes of the pilots for clues. Maybe the pilots did it intentionally or maybe someone else on the plane hijacked it and forced them to fly it somewhere. These are unanswered questions right now that hopefully will be explained in the next few days and we will know the truth.

Those poor families, I can't imagine the stress they're under not knowing where their loved ones are. Hopefully they are safe somewhere and being fed. The search area for the plane is larger than three times the size of the United States. This is a terrible situation and one that will surely be resolved soon.

Photo: CNN

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