Roofies Make A Comeback

Starting out this early Wednesday morning with 44 degrees, Spring has finally sprung in New York. For those laughing at the 44 degree temperature, keep in mind it has been 12 degrees here for months. Yesterday felt like Spring for real with the high topping at around 69. I guess I should consider shaving my legs and getting a pedicure now that it's time for skin to make its appearance. I'm joking, I do shave my legs every now and then.

What do New Yorkers do when there is something to celebrate? Drink. What do we like to do even more? Drink..On..Rooftops. The closer we can get to a skyscraper the better too. Yesterday evening I met up with one of my best girlfriends. We always have the best time catching up on our lives, mixed in with drinking wine and a little couch dancing. I'm the best couch dancer you will ever meet.

We went to the Monarch Rooftop Lounge, that name is reminiscent of a disco lounge from the 70's isn't it? It's over in mid-town on 35th @ 6th Ave. Mid-town is making a come back, a lot of new restaurants and bars have opened up and there is some good fun to be had there. You do have to know where to go or you could end up in some stuffy, dark, underground bar where you'll find all the old farts who are still smoking cigarettes and think all women are assistants.

Just when the bitter cold was making me re-consider my life, the warmth arrived, welcome beautiful.

We swore we could touch it
It was a gorgeous evening
Feeling it
The views were wicked
Full on Spring fever set in at this exact moment

Fabiola Conrado
Crystiina Avram

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