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Providence, Rhode Island is a great town with just under one million people. There is an abundant food, drink and art scene. Most of the homes are Victorian with grand porches in the front, must be lovely in the Summer. The people are sophisticated, intelligent, friendly and cool all at the same time. It's cold though, last night it was 14 degrees. The best spots I checked out were The Dorrance, an elegant restaurant with a rocken' mixology bar, eddy, a serious drink bar and hipster hangout and Figidini, where all the food is cooked in a wood burning oven, foodie heaven.

On the train up, I read a great piece in New York magazine, written by Alec Baldwin. Turns out, he didn't call that paparazzi a "faggot" and he's not homophobic at all. It must suck to have the whole world think and judge you based on something they see on the internet or read in a trashy magazine, when you know it's not true. Most people won't bother to try and find out the truth, they just assume it is. There couldn't be another side to the story though, could there? Mr. Baldwin has had enough of the false truths about him and he's done with the public life. This was his last gasp and it was a good one. He tells his side of the story and shows what a bunch of lowlifes the paparazzi and gossip sites are, no surprise there. #TeamAlec

New York magazine is my favorite. Not only does it have great articles, it also keeps me updated on what's going on in the city. There is no way one single person can keep up with all of the New York happenings. You can pretty much blink and miss five restaurant openings, three new art shows and ten new parties. All of that sounds exhausting as I sit in this cute town, ready to go to Boston and meet new and interesting people, who don't give a shit about New York.

Providence sunrise

There are two sides to a story, don't believe everything you read and see on the internet << obv
Alec Baldwin, New York Magazine, 
The Dorrance, Figitini, #paparazzi
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