NEW Restaurant In SoHo: Ariana

Located in SoHo, off of Houston, Ariana Restaurant opened a few weeks ago. Ariana Grinblat, owner, is hands on and has been at the restaurant night and day welcoming her guests. The cuisine at the restaurant is Russian. I have tried Russian food twice, both times in NYC and within the last two years. Unfortunately, both of those experiences were not good.

I tried the food at Ariana because of the rave reviews I read and happy I did. If you're a foodie, patootie your bootie on over as the food is outstanding. Ariana and chef, Vitalii Kovalev, worked closely to carefully develop a food menu in high regard of flavor, balance and consistency. Ariana said, "It's a personal update on Russian food I remember cooking with my grandmother, influenced by modern cuisine."

Mixologist Consultant, Orson Salicetti (Apotheke), was brought on board to set-up the vodka bar and develop a cocktail menu designed to complement the food. Orson's brother, McSon (pronounced Mac-Son) Salicetti, is one of the dynamic bartenders who bring Orson's vision to life each night.

Last but not least are the atmosphere and service. Both are in top form right now with a mini bouquet of fresh roses on each white table cloth harmonizing the attentive, knowledgeable and friendly wait staff. If you're looking for your next new restaurant to dine at, consider Ariana for the list, you'll be happy you did. To learn more about the restaurant, check out their website here:

Horseradish Prawns
"Sweet horseradish coated crunchy prawns"

"Vodka Soda" using TRU Organic vodka infused with pink grapefruit zest
A beautiful take on the plain vodka soda cocktail, adding an extra layer of flavor

McSon Salicetti, in the mix

Partial cocktail menu at Ariana, various takes on the classic "Vodka Soda"

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