New England

I feel so 2014 right now. I'm on a train, swyping this blog post into my Galaxy X2 phone, through my blogger app. These phones are like mini computers. #iphone people, I know you think your phones are superior to the #Android -- and sometimes I tend to agree -- but right now, as I swype in (not tap in) this post, I'm going to have to disagree.

I'm headed to Providence, Rhode Island today and then my birth state of Massachusetts tomorrow. So basically, I'm heading to cold and colder, there's even a storm on the way to Providence and it may bring up to eight inches of snow, that's a full blown blizzard. I'm too weather obsessed, I need to dig deep and let it go because it's driving me cookoo.

Looking forward to Providence, I hear it's a quaint, cute little town. The more plain and simple a place the better, kind of sick of bright lights, big city. Boston I always like, in particular the Boston accent is fun, they ignore the "r." I don't want to practice it because then it'll stick.

I'm going to enjoy this train ride and read a ton of magazines and zone out to the scenery outside my window. No sun out as of yet and I'm not holding my breath on that one. Have a fabulous day.

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Fabiola Conrado

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